Distinguished Professorship

The D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professorship was established in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in 1975 to honor University of Georgia alumnus D. W. Brooks, who devoted his professional life to improving the quality of society through continued service and support of agriculture and agribusiness. Mr. Brooks was a graduate and faculty member of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.


The D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professorships in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences are intended to recognize faculty with exemplary achievements in research, teaching, and Extension. The Brooks special professorship is the highest scholastic award offered to faculty by the College. As such, the award aims to recognize those faculty whose sustained achievement clearly distinguishes them in their intellectual achievement or administrative leadership. In addition to recognition of past achievement, this special professorship aims to provide faculty with additional resources for the continuation of their professional development and success during their tenure in the College.


The intent of the award is to honor exemplary scholarship. The appointee should be the equivalent in stature to distinguished faculty in the candidate's field at the nation's finest universities. Eligibility for the award shall be limited to tenure-track faculty holding the rank of professor. Under special circumstances, the distinguished professorship may be offered as part of an enhanced recruiting package with less restrictive eligibility rules.

The professorship shall be granted for an initial period of five (5) years. Renewal for a second five-year period shall be considered by the Dean and Director upon the recommendation of the faculty and the department head. Request for consideration beyond the second five-year renewal will require re-nomination. The awardee shall receive a one-time $5,000 permanent increase in salary and a $2,000 annual support fund for the life of the appointment.

A Brooks Distinguished Professor shall not be eligible for any of the Brooks Awards of Excellence.

Process and Deadline

Departments may make one nomination for the Brooks Distinguished Professorship. Each department may develop its own procedures for identifying potential applicants but such procedures must include a review of all applicants by the tenured faculty. The nomination must be endorsed and forwarded to the Dean and Director by the department head or designated senior faculty representative.

All nominations should be received by the deadline of July 20.

All nominations should be forwarded electronically to caesdean@uga.edu in PDF format.

The dossiers should include the D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professorship Nomination Form, a written statement addressing the nominee's worthiness for consideration (not to exceed three double spaced pages), a résumé, and an appendix of supporting documentation. There should be independent comments from three to five distinguished scholars from outside the College who can provide a critical evaluation of the candidate's work. The reason why these are appropriate judges should be briefly stated. Nomination packets should not exceed 25 pages.

Award Review Committee

Once the dossiers are received in the Office of the Dean and Director, the Dean will appoint a review committee consisting of the chair of the Level I Promotion and Tenure Committee and three (3) distinguished professors to screen and recommend one recipient for the award. All votes shall be made by secret ballot, and shall be recorded and maintained by the Review Committee. The Dean and Director shall notify the Chair of the Brooks Executive Committee of the name of the nominee. Upon conferring with the leadership of Gold Kist, the Dean and Director will forward the name of the nominee to the President for submission to the Chancellor.