The D.W. Brooks Executive Committee shall be responsible to the Dean and Director for organizing, promoting, and managing the annual D.W. Brooks Lecture and Awards. The Executive Committee shall receive, review, and forward nominations for the Faculty Awards of Excellence in Teaching, Research, Extension, Public Service Extension, and Global Programs to the respective award committee. A set of guidelines for each activity and award shall be established and followed by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall be comprised of representative faculty and staff from all disciplines and campus locations. In addition, representatives from the Office of the Dean and Gold Kist shall serve in an ex officio capacity. Recipients of previous D.W. Brooks Awards shall be automatically appointed to the award subcommittee to provide administrative continuity. Where necessary, other faculty may be appointed to serve on subcommittees to ensure a quality review process. Administrative support for the executive committee shall be provided by the Office of the Dean and Director.

To expedite its duties and responsibilities, the Executive Committee shall oversee the work of five (5) functional subcommittees with members appointed by the Dean and Director. In 1998, each award subcommittee will elect their own chair and vice chair. In subsequent years, each award committee will elect only a vice chair, who will move up to the position of chair the following year. Upon receiving nominations for the D.W. Brooks Distinguished Professorship, the Dean and Director will request that the College Promotion and Tenure Committee review the dossier and make recommendations regarding the appointment of the special professorship.

The Global Programs Award shall be offered in alternate years.

Nomination Forms

Specific Application Guidelines