Excellence in Extension

The D.W. Brooks Faculty Award for Excellence in Extension was established in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in 1983 to honor University of Georgia alumnus D.W. Brooks who devoted his professional life to improving the quality of society through continued service and support of agriculture, agribusiness, and the environment. Mr. Brooks was a graduate and faculty member of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.


The purpose of the Extension Award is to foster faculty development by recognizing exceptional creativity and scholarship in the application of research through nonformal educational and service programs including, but not limited to, farm and community based educational program development, and specialized informational service delivery in rural and urban settings. The intent of the award is to encourage and recognize scholarship in applied problem recognition, development of practical programs and solutions to people problems. The solution set should involve adaptable systems that feature the transfer of knowledge and technology.

The impact of the faculty's achievement should be readily measurable and affirmable by industry, the community, the state, and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Normally, one Brooks Award shall be given annually for Excellence in Extension. Beginning in 1996, the recipient shall receive a plaque and a $5,000 cash award from the Brooks Endowment Fund.


Eligibility for the award shall be limited to current state specialists, tenure-track or public service faculty with at least a .50 EFT in Extension, and who have been employed in a tenure-track or public service position for at least five (5) years. Past recipients of the award are not eligible for renomination.

Process and Deadline

Each academic unit may submit the dossier of one nominee to the Office of the Dean and Director. Each department may develop its own procedures for identifying all potentially qualified applicants. However, such a procedure must include a review of all applicants by a designated peer faculty review committee. The nomination must be endorsed and forwarded to the Dean and Director by the department head or designated senior faculty representative.

All nominations should be received by the deadline of August 1.

All nominations should be completed online via this Qualtrics survey.

Online you will be asked to upload the following documents:

  • a written statement addressing the nominee's worthiness for consideration (not to exceed three double spaced pages)
  • CV/Dossier – Please note that CVs should not exceed 30 pages in length.
  • A minimum of 3 and no more than a maximum of 5 supporting letters from students and professional peers within, and external to, the College.

The Brooks Award Review Committee will review all dossiers and recommend to the Chair of the Executive Committee the recipient for the annual award. The Chair of the Executive Committee will forward the name of the nominee to the Dean and Director. Only the Dean and Director shall make public the name of the recipient.

Candidates who were not chosen for the award are welcome to update their packets and submit for the following year.

Award Review Committee

The Dean and Director shall appoint annually a review committee of senior faculty, to include the previous year's winner of the Extension Award, to screen all dossiers and make recommendations to the Executive Committee. All votes shall be by secret ballot, and shall be recorded and maintained by the Executive Committee.


The award will be presented at the D.W. Brooks Lecture and Awards ceremony. Information about award recipients will be archived on the CAES website.